Q: So they could have the summit but it would be egg on their face?

A: Yes, they could, but they haven’t got it worked out yet.

Q; Will the rate change?

A: No, Shabibi told us it will be a managed float- he did it at 1170 for 2years. China does it too, why mess with it? It’s not moving - -there’s a 2% variation.

Q: So, it won’t go to $10 and then go down?

A: It will come in at 3.21 and stay there…could it go up, yes! Nothing more than ….(?)

Q: Why are they telling us that?

A: Some are invested in hedge funds – I wouldn’t be. I want to be secured first, give it time, and you’ll have enough money….learn where that money needs to go and don’t worry about that.

Q: Intel guru’s telling us that it’s $12…

A: Have they ever been right? 3 weeks ago they were patting themselves on the back…Bull dog and Okie called it first….did it happen? It happened today…JohnnyD…I can’t believe we’re not seeing it.

Q: It’s getting people out of shape. It’s really putting a lot of pain. Why they’re putting their egos us.

A: They’re destructive…I don’t know why either….

Q: Even the spiritual people….

A: They’re being told by others…

Q: JUST GO TO CBI ANYTIME and see if it’s changed! The front end could change…it’s the DOMAIN CBI.iq - -that page is valid…It shows up there FIRST…that’s where everybody’s going to find out.

Q: I think asking for an extentions on the DFI funds, there’s a long finger.

A: Remember when we first started talking way back we thought they were moving dollars instead of dinar…

Q: I’ve been saying that for years…!

A: I know you did – you understand the process and if I had known, I’d let you discuss that.

I know Maliki is in a corner trying to figure out constitutionally where he’s at.

Q: I knew the UN definitely had him also, when he left the US and it was obvious they weren’t going to give him what he wanted with the issues in Kuwait…and he hasn’t done his homework and to see him working and sharing the port with Nabarak?? Which allows him to get on with the agreement and set a date with the UN and they have to be matched, not necessarily before…

A: Exactly right…and there wouldn’t be terrorists - …?????

Q: It seems like every day there’s a new guru out there…I notice whether it’s slow or fast, it is progressing forward.

A: I do think the Arab summit has them pinned…they have to have the money and Kuwait said you can’t come on the 14th until you hve the money – however he figures that out….I think we’re in a spot where it’s about to break, but I just don’t know which way…either he finds a way out of it or we find the RV

Q; If he wants to keep the peace, he needs Erbil which is an agreement and they just have to bring it to the forefront.

A: It’s not that they can’t make the bank numbers falling from the sky and they couldn’t make it into the Basel 3 or the bank systems LOL

Q: I think everyone’s paranoid and I can assure you these computers they’re using….I don’t buy there’s a virus check…sticking the IQD is a rudimently processes – they’ve tested it and we first saw reference and was able to get to the 2nd access and I saw banks trading at 1 dinar and I laughed at a fraction of a penny. Why would these world banks do that? They were testing the system in 2006 so if any bugs needed to be worked out, I’m sure they’re worked out. Every day there’s no guru’s with ideas of the financial or manage your dinar for you and there’s always a catch and I’d hate to see them lose their money based on the stories coming out. Stick with the articles on the news, though may be old, but the stories will always catch up with the news.

With the CBI slowing down the auctions, countries here with the dinar not trading on the Forex, they managed to trade on the CBi…that’s what they’re for. The Forex market is where the goods they sell, the resources, the ability to pay debts will all be equated to the other countries and the Forex will establish an exchange rate.

Floating will let the market go up or down depending on those numbers…or bounces it higher and lower level or do it like Kuwait. Then there’s the ask rate, the bid rate, and that’s what you’ll be dealing with when you go to the bank.