Q: You don’t believe if the Kurds open the budget, by the constitution, it will come out at 86 cents.

A: Kurds can’t do a thing. Who said that? If they could force the budget, it would be done…Maliki becomes a dictator with that budget opening up!
Q: What are your feelings about Ch. 7 falling itno the RV?

A: They won’t get out of it until they RV …they have to.

Q: When we go to cash in and there’s sanctions, why would the banks give us our money?

A: Do you remember how they put sanctions on them? It was $2 + and they still traded.

A lady called me and she went to an exchange to know the process to see how hard it would be to trade in dinar…people in front of her were from Kuwait …she puts her dinar and they asked her to sign? It’s CURRENCY guys! Don’t make it harder than what it is. Go to the bank, trade it in, and they’ll do it immediately right then…you’re holding currency right in your hand.

Q: What happens if it doesn’t RV this month?

A: No, I think Iraq is under pressure to get this done…a whole lot of pressure. I don’t even know what to say if it doesn’t happen…Maliki is under extreme pressure with guys trying to get his nose of it it…and if they keep pressuring him, fine, but if he figures a way, it’ll hang on. Then the AS probably won’t happen unless the US jumps in which I don’t see happening since we don’t have money either. I like this week real well….there’s too many political balls that can be bounced around right now. As it looks right now, we’re looking real good.

Q: Allawi and Maliki are being moved around and Najafi was supposed to come in….

A: Here’s the deal – think of these guys like Indian tribes and you have Kochise as a Chief, Sitting Bull as a Chief –they all have their sects….Maliki, Talabani (head of the Kurds with Barazani) – all these guys have to give up to make Allawi to look bad who is giving his power to take over the Strategic Council. Maliki will be doing the same thing….he’ll be the one taking over >>?? It’s like the head of the Republicans, House.

Q: What’s going on with the inflation there? Didn’t Shabibi say he’d limit it?

A: He didn’t want it over 10% and it’s moving up because they’re letting the dollars out there.

We had an economist who always speculated not thinking they’re moving dinar, but USDollars. He’s sharper than I am…and when he starts talking, it’s way over my head.

3-4 weeks ago they said they’d stop using dollars, but the big bills were taken off the street and the inflation’s up so they have to RV their money or …… or inflate what’s going on in the economy to keep it below the 10%.

Q: If they don’t do it before the Arab Summit, what else could happen?

A: I don’t know – well, I do know, but I can’t say yet because I shouldn’t say ….it’s a lot of money and they’ll cut my head off. If we kinda know what’s happening, we don’t’ want to mention it because we don’t want it to happen that way. We should have happy days by the end of next week, but we don’t know and we have to sit and wait.

Q: You say to follow the money…

A: They said they’d implement the budget 2’ce…they lied. They were going to speak to the leaders…they were going to accelerate the 2011 budget in the 2012 budget. They were going to open the budget and still use the 2011 budget because it has all the enhancements to get the Arab Summit…they probably won’t open or use the 2012 until June and run it to Dec. That’s what it said in the article and I really believe they’ll open up the 2011 and finish the projects.

Q: Do you see it going on?

A: Right now, I don’t - -I promise you he’s (?) trying.

Q: Are there any small victories you’ve seen?

A: The big win: Maliki apologizing to a terrorist…he’s been doing that for 2 days and there’s no way he’d do that if they didn’t have him by the short hair. He is dictator, buddy. He just as soon shoot you – he’s apologizing and they’ve got him in a corner with 30 smartest minds in Iraq on how to have a National Meeting and he doesn’t want to get out of power.

Q; Do you see this meeting happening mid-month?

A: I don’t see it being cancelled at this point – the articles that want the conference after the Arab Summit, then what has to happen before the AS? Money! If he could get them to do it after, he would probably never have that meeting. It will be egg on their face if they didn’t….and he has these guys trying to do it. They should get it done by the 14th and we know Kuwait doesn’t want him over there.