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Randy started by saying there’s NO RV. He read an email that said there was something with the system, it’s not going to RV until it shows on CBI and it will happen instantly so everyone will know. Please understand that. I can’t believe anybody would believe that kind of stuff. The last time I remember that happened was in months ago….it’s all BS – I’m thinking no one would believe that, but maybe they do. It just doesn’t happen that way and Shabibi doesn’t need to RV on a computer if he doesn’t want to. As soon as it happens it’ll take a minute or so – it doesn’t take that long to populate it. JUST CHECK THE CBI.

We’re looking for things to take place prior to the RV --

The last few months re: National Conference or Meeting is becoming more, and more popular. It almost has to be a must. I’ve seen 3-4 articles from Maliki apologizing that he’s saying we’re saying you’re trying to kill us…the bottom line is that everything’s okay and I found new evidence. Why do you think he’d do that? They have him in a corner…he’s trying to think of how to get out of it. It’s so political, it’s not funny….he knows he has to agree with the national meeting…they don’t have any money and he has to figure a way to get in and have the money show up without having to give up his power. The way he’s been spawling is – sure, I agree with you, start where you want but we have to make sure it’s constitutional. So he agrees and then asks if it’s constitutional…that was the problem going on….that’s why they were having a hard time with the no-confidence. Like the HCL isn’t constitutional…did you see that? He said the country of Iraq has the right to have the oil…the problem is that if they’re controlling their oil, that should be up for grabs. The HCL has already been approved…the agreement isn’t the issue…! That’s how he plays and the delays are going on.

The US says they need to get together….they need the ministers to go and the US is to put pressure on it. To count on it, no. Our foreign policy isn’t very strong. So, what we have coming up is the National Meeting – one article says – we can have this national meeting, but we could make it just the heads of the state or Arab leaders…then it won’t last more than a day. If it’s larger, it’ll take longer than a day…I don’t know that for sure, but I think it is.

The Arab summit is scheduled for the 29th and have 9 countries who came in and are committed. They have ZERO money…the only way to do the summit is to have the money. He’s saying he’s going to run to Kuwait on the 14th, and they could care less if Maliki is alive or dead. He has to show up with the money but he has to have the government. Talabani goes to the Mayo Clinic for Chemo – should have been back today or yesterday, not confirmed. He said set the time for the NC and IMO in either 1-2-3 days – don’t know if he can go further because it has to be done by the 15th. We should see that today and no later than tomorrow…and then we should see the date of the conference show up Monday and then Maliki will to Kuwait for one day or, if he doesn’t leave for Kuwait, we’ll e in good shape. If not, we’re looking at the Arab Summit issues because there’s no money.

They were going to have the Arab Summit at the airport – they ordered armored vehicles …that shows you how much they believe in them. This AS will not take place until the RV. We just have to follow it.

So, Talabani shows up – they schedule the National Conference – they have to announce the strategic council (the reason for the meeting) – once it becomes law, Maliki loses his power. Why do you think he’s dragging his feet so much? Because this is his power…the only guy who loses his power. He just wants to keep the life he has…if the money shows up, then he will become a dictator and you’ll never get him out of there.

That’s it in a nutshell. I have two guests on – IV Johnson and Sam. (Explains reserves up to 90 days and you don’t lose your money.) Not everybody has the date – we’ve been hearing from Bulldog and all the rest….if they keep saying RV everyday, they’ll get it right.

IV: DinarCorps.com - 3 basic buying ways as well as buy-back insurance program:

Sam: We have offices in Chicago and the mid-east. We’ve always sold currencies outright. We’ve always had a 30-day program but a lot of people are walking away empty handed. We determined a way to wow consumers a better way. It’s a 45 day lay-away…10% at the beginning and then 90% in 45 days. It’s a requirement that locks you in for the 45 days. More exciting is our 90 day program, and when you submit a payment, it’s building equity. 4 payments @ 25% to pay towards your dinar. You reserve 1 million – once you postmark at the post office, you’re locked in. Every 30 days you submit 25%. If you want to terminate it, you get 250,000 dinar right away. It’s a great program in a positive manner.

We also have the buy-back assurance program…we buy back from others who have purchased dinar and wants to sell dinar directly. We verify the authentication with a state of the art dela rous machine. It’s in the initial stages and it demands on the demand for the service. We’re planning to establish offices across the US. We guarantee everything is authenticated from Iraq. Nothing matters more than my customer…my business is second. If I can do anything I can do for my customer, even at the expense of my business. You can go on dinarcorps.com, call us or chat with us online as well.
V: There’s no gimmicks or promo codes and we put our best foot forward the way you should do business. We’re registered with the US Treasury, an A rating with the Business Bureau and some believe you can’t deal in foreign currency in Illinois, but that’s not true.

Randy: We don’t know when the RV will happen…we feel it will happen now, but it’s Iraq. Remember, Maliki doesn’t want to lose his power, and that alone is a factor. So, if it takes longer, with DinarCorps you don’t lose money.

IV: You need to know if you’re doing a 30-45 day program, consider it but make sure you have full intention to follow through otherwise you get what you put into it.

Randy: We’re trying to be upfront and we’re not telling anyone about the bank screens or anything like that.

Q: I know you’re sick and tired about asking the rate and I know how consistent you are with $3.21. Tell us why with the CBI’s articles….

A: If Saleh says it – he’s a propaganda man for the CBI and he hasn’t told us the truth yet..l.he’s coming out with the 1:1 and when Shabibi comes out he says he’s 70% removed the 000’s…he tells you exactly what they’re going to do. S says the ways your money is going to be stronger and he uses the dollar to dollar concept…the 000’s has zero to do with the rate…it’s just getting them off the streets and is confusing people. It’s basically he wants to get it off the street. How can you move 70% of those 3-digits…you can. Shabibi says they’re physically trying to get them off the street…another reason why the inflation is going up. It has ZERO to do with the rate.
Q: So, they’ve been lowering their money supply. – Your rate of $3.21, I know the formula you use, do you have another reason about that rate other than the budget like intel that are from sources that are confident about that?

A: Let’s just say “yes”. I’m confident about the rate – Casper is the one that helped me with that because a buddy told him how much he was getting for the oil. They’re making $32 per barrel - -Showing in the budget $35. They’re not telling you the truth. The official numbers the truth. In May they’ll tell you 21 ? billion in oil.

They’re lying all over the place…$3 million barrels a day – …? – the US, Great Britain, -- Russia and china are paying $ but the others are paying $??? They have to stretch that to 5-10 billion before they start getting the market products. They need to have an RV so that all these contracts can be fulfilled and get this stuff up.

Rich people do not blow themselves up! Kuwait pays their guys about $10,000 amount (3500 dinar) and that’s why you see them vacationing here in the U S …and it’ll be like that in China. If we just focus on what we have to do and see….I don’t want you to ride on that roller coaster…can’t tell you how many people are hurting…they write how they’re losing a house and I’m trying to be upfront and it’s so much a barrel…the budget is so much….there has to be a way to make up the difference. 26.1 billion dollars divided by the 90 million – it has to be….
Q: Most people think they’re getting a market value right now, but they’re not. If they were, they’d have a 1:1.

A:The article suggested they’re making more than $32 / barrel. Anytime Saleh says anything…take it with a grain of salt. Shabibi never said it would be 1:1.

Q: Some people believe there are 2 ways to RV

A: It’s coming in at 3.21 period – a managed float that’s been that way for 2 years.

Q: What about an intermediate stage referring to a 1:1.

A: I just answered that…Saleh’s saying that – he’s not telling you the truth just how to be as strong as the US dollar…that’s all he’s doing.