Seven years in prison for Issawi and senior officials in the Iraqi Finance

Twilight News / Integrity competent court issues a decision issued a guilty verdict against the backdrop of the ongoing in the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Finance administrative investigations sentenced to seven years in prison and former Finance Minister Rafi al-Issawi neutrality.
A statement by the Office of the Inspector of the Ministry of Finance responded to Twilight News, the decision was also issued against the Director General of the Administrative Department of the former Ministry of Finance (t. M h) and the Director General / Director of the former minister's office (p. P. X) and the employee (p. C. m) and the employee (p. m. h).
In connection with irregularities, the statement said that, regardless funds format ancestor to the Procurement Committee in the Ministry of Finance worth (1,849,473,292) billion and eight hundred and forty-nine million, four hundred and seventy-three thousand, two hundred and ninety-two dinars.