The Ministry of Commerce shall transmit 18 a corruption case for former ministers to Integrity

Published in: 13:41, January 21, 2016

Local opinion Baghdad

Minister of Trade Mohammed revealed agency Xiaa Sudanese, for the assignment of the Office of the Inspector General more than 169 cases to the integrity and the elimination of staff on charges of financial and administrative corruption and 18 cases of former ministers on charges of corruption as well.

Sudan said in a statement received (Opinion International) copy of it on that "Iraq faces the challenge of corruption which is the environment that creates extremism and supporting terrorist operations and this case was diagnosed but the measures were not the level of this phenomenon because it was limited to correspondence without emphasis on radical solutions to cope with this file.
He said during the workshop administrative reform organized by the Inspector General's Office in the Ministry of Commerce and attended by administrative leaders of departments, companies and staff centrist where that "the absence of radical solutions to prevent operations corruption has given the public an indication that Almtsidin in power are caring for corruption and defending spoilers although there are attempts to some Almtsidin but an individual does not indicate on what the employee gets the fact that the beneficiary is protected administratively and politically.
He pointed out that "the Ministry of Commerce is full of issues and files relating to squandering of public money, which missed us big money was dedicated to the people's livelihood has the ministry introduced in a spiral of allocations and judicial and legal commitments," stressing "the assignment of the Office of the Inspector General more than 169 cases to the integrity and the elimination of staff on corruption charges administrative and financial well and referred 18 cases to the former ministers on charges of corruption even when going through the assignment of more than 29 case managers two years to the integrity and the judiciary as well as the issuance of more than 308 disciplinary punishment for staff at different levels, in addition to issuing 13 administrative Akoah managers two years according to the investigations conducted in the Office of the Inspector in General came identical with the type of the act. "
He said that "There is a thorough investigation on the preparation of the names in the ration card, which amounted to 37 million citizens, noting that preliminary investigations confirmed the presence of 327 000 employees of large Toldat dating back to 1877 and below may be deceased but their names exist within Altamonah card and this type of corruption may be Oomalih political motives behind it as well as the presence of large numbers and the similarity in the names. "
The minister stressed that "the regulatory authorities at the ministry prepare the way for the prevention of corruption map before it happens not to wait for the error and an employee even contradict it must be here to focus on the preventive element and the preparation of the employee according to a clear system to prevent operations corruption and saves the employee to fall into the trap of violation of laws as well as a focus the transparency of the society and the system of community values. "
Sudanese He noted "the appointment of cadres of functional of proven integrity and competence, professional and work on institutional building away from the sectarian, ethnic and sectarian affiliations and listened to the views of all staff if they serve the public interest," stressing that "no sites or fixed positions and everyone is subject to change and stay for the better and who possess integrity, efficiency and availability of the administrative criteria and the process starts to re-structure of the ministry of public departments and sections and the people down branches in the provinces ".anthy