2,500 decision makers on the ground meet in Davos amid tight measures

2101 2016
The resort turned into a military barracks and security concrete blocks
It topped the "Economic Forum of Davos" in the work of the first day more files that occupy the world, and related to global growth and threatened the geopolitical situation which is characterized by almost daily attacks, and the crisis of immigrants. The forum will be held Saturday amid tight security measures, so now this Algarih- resort streets covered with snow, like a military Butknh in Canton Grezon in Switzerland, where intensified more than in previous years periodicals with armed security elements, and concrete blocks to cut off the road leading to the conference center.
And mayors of the organizers of the Forum to enhance security measures in great shape to reduce the risks of attacks during this meeting, which brings together until Saturday, 2,500 people from the most important decision-makers on the ground, of the Heads of State or Government of the ministers and the owners of companies or artists such as Leonardo DiCaprio.
The official theme of this Global Forum is "The Industrial Revolution fourth" that could pose a transformation of the global economy, but "as often happens in Davos, obscure world events subject, and attracts everyone's attention what is happening in China, where growth is slowing," it announced Chief Economist British consulting office "IHS" Nariman Behrafsh.
Beijing, published the day before yesterday the rate of growth recorded during 2015, which amounted to 6.9 percent, the lowest level ever recorded in 25 years. And affect China's economic slowdown and the decline in the economies of emerging countries, to increase global output, while the overall economy of the planet is threatened Balturnh. This volatile situation also affects the financial markets experiencing a period of high volatility, as well as the price of oil and raw materials that record lows.
Behrafsh did not rule out, one of the pioneers of the Forum, "to focus on the way it manages the Chinese authorities this slowdown," adding that it "failed" even though no one goes to say so explicitly on the podium.
He said: "We all know there is in Davos, which is different from the private Davos, as will talk about it in private Davos, while not going to get into that in Davos the year."

And among the many topics ranging from the evolution of the war on "Daash" extremist attacks, immigrants and the crisis that hit Europe and the Middle East and elsewhere.

A meeting was held on Wednesday evening on the sidelines of the forum that the so-called "open forum" for the residents of the area, which allows them to come to talk with the present figures. The discussion with Sigmar Gabriel, one of the most prominent German government officials, and Swedish Prime Minister Stephen Leuven, in the theme of "Immigration and Absorption." It is expected that the work of the day centered on the European problems and culminates a discussion among the leaders in this region, including French Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

And it intends to British Prime Minister David Cameron to invite the leaders of the European Union to ease trade rules with Jordan to help stimulate economic growth, and extending a helping hand to hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in the region for jobs.

He said before his arrival to the "Davos", it "and Queen Rania will discuss with business and political leaders Friday, could be taken to provide economic opportunities in Jordan steps."

He urged Cameron of the European Union during the meetings with European leaders Wednesday and continues today, to ease export to Jordan rules to facilitate the producers which, to qualify for entry into the EU markets while enjoying exemption from customs duties and create job opportunities for refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria.

He noted in a statement that "these steps will provide real benefits to refugees in the region, as well as enable them to play a leading role in the reconstruction of Syria in the future."

He continued: "That is not in the interest of Syria and its neighbors, but also in the interest of Europe, as whenever we have done more to enable people to stay in the area will decrease the likelihood they come to Europe." He announced that Britain "will organize a donors' conference to Syria next month, to raise billions of dollars to help people fleeing the Syrian conflict five years ago."

He stressed that "I do not need to agree on only additional funds and aid, but we want to agree on concrete action gives a glimmer of hope to many, and functions to enable them to provide for their families and educate their children."

He said Cameron that "the European Union a vital role to play, in cooperation together to provide real support to Syria's neighbors." He stressed the need to "quickly agreed to change the rules in order for Jordan to increase exports and create new jobs."
On the sidelines of the forum, it announced the "Microsoft" American group, "Securing the potential for the use of its system for cloud computing free for non-governmental organizations and academic researchers, an estimated one billion dollars."
And it will remain the donation by the philanthropic division in the group are valid for three years, which is "beneficial to the 70 thousand researcher and organization", according to the general director of the group Satya Nadela in a message posted on the Internet on the sidelines of the forum. And allows cloud computing system using the Internet to benefit from the computational capacity and huge storage capacity, provided by data centers built by a third party.
He wrote Nadela in his letter "Among the questions asked in Davos, one that: If the cloud computing system of the biggest changes in our time, how can we make sure that everyone is taking advantage of its benefits?", He asked, "What happens if I were rich societies alone have the entry into force of the data The information, analysis and knowledge that comes from the pillars of informatics and mobile cloud computing system? ".
The cloud computing a priority of "Microsoft" and other international companies operating in the technology sector, in light of the increasing demand companies and institutions on this type of service, instead of downloading the software for its computers.
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