Carter: the elimination of sources of funding Daash in Iraq and Syria

By Roudao 21/1/2016

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter,
Roudao - Erbil
Announced that US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, Thursday, for the intensification of the military campaign against the "Islamic state" Daash.
Carter said: "We are going to eliminate the sources of financing Daash in Iraq and Syria." Adding that "we will focus in the fight against Daash to Mosul in Iraq and tenderness in Syria."
He pointed out, US Defense Secretary: We will intensify the campaign against Daash and not only in Iraq and Syria, saying that "our strategy is based on the support of local forces."
He also said "We must rebuild the cities of Anbar province to the Iraqis and we will provide all the necessary support." Noting: "cooperate with the 40 countries in the fight against Daash and must unite and accelerate its elimination."