Federation of tourist companies Najafih in cooperation with the airlines will hold a conference for Umrah single

2016-01-21 03:14:43 | (Voice of Iraq) - Najaf / Alaa al-Hajjar

Within preparations tourist companies, local, Arab and airlines for the gathering point for pilgrims for this year set up a range of tourist companies in the province of Najaf and they both Gelnar company and Rehana bright light and the people of Almzaiv conference for Umrah single in collaboration with Nasser companies and Cham Wings Airline in Sultan Hall in the province to discuss the preparations of those companies Iraqis gathering point for pilgrims.

And new tourism coalition between tourist companies mentioned Mr. Adel Thamer Mousa representative said all companies: The purpose of this union or coalition between tourism companies and in cooperation with the two airlines to transport the largest number of Iraqi pilgrims, and in coordination with the Iraqi Hajj and Umrah as well as to create a joint tourism program includes Umrah and a visit to the Sayeda Zeinab G also said Moses, so aim of this forum to Asalk obstacles in front of Iraqi pilgrims in the past years and in order to get the Iraqi pilgrim to quality services worthy of him, and said Moussa said there is a plan to transport pilgrims directly from Najaf International Airport and on board the Iraqi Airways and wings Sham and Adnasser to fly to the Holy Land.

For his part, Captain Akram Executive Director said of the company Al-Naser Airlines: we have been able Enter more than three modern aircraft to our fleet and with a capacity of 166 passengers for the implementation of aviation daily program of Najaf Airport to Damascus and the Holy Land Airport to transport valued pilgrims at a rate of 3-4 daily flights and the program drawn up by the company Nasser will support the Federation of tour companies to secure sufficient trips, which can cover all the provinces of the Middle Euphrates in addition to the capital, Baghdad,

While stressing Karrar sun agent Cham Wings Airlines in the Middle Euphrates and the south that the first point began their wings Sham company after a break forced by events is the Najaf International because it represents religious and tourist importance, indicating that was the conclusion of an agreement with the new union of tourism companies to transfer Matmrehm to airport Mecca through Syria and preparing that request one at a rate of two flights a day.

This conference was attended by a group of owners of tourism companies and Mrushdian religious.