The agricultural sector economic development first steps

1/21/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
student competent in economic affairs Abdul Hassan Shammari need to work to diversify the financial resources of the state by activating the productive sectors, particularly agriculture, all the joints and make them contribute to 20 percent in the Iraqi budget for the first phase and move from consumer to producer.

He said in an interview for Sabah : that a lot of countries depend on their economies on agriculture, and may have one or two products such as sugar in Cuba and coffee in Brazil, this form and there is a large agricultural activities super states and used by other countries in the food war.

President in the budgets of these countries resources, adding that agriculture is green oil that will never dry up and there are countries rely barter in needs with other countries or direct sales to her, and that the supplier of Agriculture is very important to support food security, noting that countries that suffer water shortages adopt new mechanisms for the purpose of providing needs of agricultural products and that the water filter and heavy use of water in agriculture have become a feature of most developed state, which suffers a shortage of agricultural water.

He said the United Nations is heavily interested in this aspect because the provision of food supplies to give moral force to countries that bore the task of attention diverse and inclusive agriculture, as well as agricultural waste her of paramount importance as they constitute the food chairman of the animals, bred and these are part of the food security, and noted that the interest in the agricultural sector leads to the activation of many economic events flowing into the coffers of State and constitute a vast resource to it, and there are agricultural countries are of great importance in the world such as Australia in grain production, as well as Canada, America, Russia and the production of cotton in Egypt.

The student-Shammari that are relying on local agricultural production with the availability of the elements of the advancement of production plant and animal, both, especially as the country has two rivers with great lands and a wide variety If exploited by us and the development of annual plans we will be in two years or Three of the exporting countries, stressing the importance of developing Stratejahh plans and the adoption of advanced technology and modern irrigation systems electronic administrative systems and benefited from the huge number of graduates of colleges and institutes and agricultural Alaaadadiat various branches to provide food for the citizen and are working to export to get the resources in hard currency.

He added: Agriculture Livestock are important sources of hard currency and build the economic foundations for Iraq, and that the construction of the national industry is part of the foundations of agriculture and livestock, and that this economic detailed will provide tremendous job opportunities for the unemployed and provide courses to farmers for the development of technical and production capabilities and the development of agriculture and irrigation sector and orientation of the building sector agribusiness and the establishment of packing and canning and the production of juices and putty many products that rely on agriculture and livestock factories, noting that this whole would lead to cultural and educational revolution in the Iraqi countryside.

Shammari between the activation of agriculture leads to provide many job opportunities lead to the lifting of gravity actually on the shoulders of the state through government employment, as it reduces dependence on neighboring countries in the provision of agricultural products and the agricultural production will provide us with electrical energy through the generation of electricity and gas from the remnants of Agriculture and Livestock, especially in remote areas. He concluded Shammari said: We must focus our attention this year on the development of agriculture by accelerating lending to the agricultural producers of the custom of the Iraqi Central Bank money when starting their implementation will lead to a quantum leap in agriculture and animal production, providing the required budget funds.