The concerns of the Federal Albulad..alarac between an uncertain future and the economy lost
Since 2003, the ambition and aspirations of the majority of the Iraqi masses to move our country to the best years of the siege, which lasted twelve years and in which the Iraqis are subjected to the harshest conditions put particularly exposed to slow death, which was harvested us because of the lack of medicine and the spread of strange and exotic diseases, not the Iraqis not unfamiliar to them from They came by the disease due to the spread of depleted uranium used by the US forces days of the second Gulf War in 1991. But these aspirations have gone unheeded. We dream of achieving overall economic development that achieve a quantum leap in the country's economy is leading to the achievement of social development and welfare and the elimination of unemployment, deprivation and poverty, especially after the rise in oil such development which re-run factories and drive the industrial sector forward and restore growth and prosperity of the agricultural sector in order to hurt both in the general budget price which has become since 2003, rely on unilateral rent, which is petroleum, which belongs to the Iraqi people is no longer because of corporate control and poor national management of this important sector in the lives of Iraqis and their lives after the Iraqi oil easy production became that does not require a significant cost to extract a barrel only one dollar or dollars and a half as the highest estimate, but it is unfortunate that it becomes extracted per barrel to $ 22, as well as licenses, which cost Iraq $ 15 billion annually tours. This leads us to fear, especially after the decline in oil prices this year is likely to be up to below the $ 30 per barrel. And here we are in front of unknown and scary at the same time the future and if you do not paint a scientific and well thought out plan to save the country economically, the economy heading towards the abyss inevitably and not for the benefit of the people and this is very clear because the expenses or internal drainage largest imports of available income derived mainly from the proceeds of one sector is the only oil . In front of the industrial sector decline and death of the agricultural sector. It seems that the coming months will witness the collapse of the value of the Iraqi dinar, if you did not catch a lot of things, including: ending the wrong policies pursued by the Central Bank of Iraq with regard to selling the currency or what long to call an auction currency and this means loss reserve of hard currency and then the government resort to get loans from international financial institutions such as the IMF and the entail of the great benefits are not hiring those loans manner that achieves profitable projects but they are used Kmaachat salaries or not, but, the problem is that those who buy the currency to convert them abroad. Iraq was authorized on the verge of bankruptcy with little concern from official authorities. The question here .. Is there a solution? There are many solutions, the first re-contracting with foreign oil companies that invest in Iraq's oil sector by pressuring them to reduce the cost of extraction per barrel to less than $ 22, and activation of industrial, agricultural and tourism sector and investment sector badly and this is not only the elimination of corruption and thieves government money and stop the auction of the coin and not to allow smuggling money abroad and activation code Where did you get this? As well as on buildings and property belonging to the state-controlled political parties that could be offered for sale, providing huge amounts of money to support the general budget as well as the activation of Iraq's foreign policy and the maintenance of the stick than half by improving relations with Arab and Gulf system specifically for financial support, as well as the need for coordination to bring international foreign forces to fight terrorist Daash on the ground because of terrorism against the whole world and the duty of other countries, especially America and Europe to address him.

Ahmed Fadel Jassim