Yellow Gold climbs with black drop

2016/1/20 16:10

{International: Euphrates News} enhance the status of gold on Wednesday, with the decline in equity markets, and falling price of oil as a safe haven, but the slowdown following demand from Asia kept the gold without the highest level achieved this month.
Asian stocks fell to their lowest level in over 4 years, while US crude fell to its lowest level since 2003, raising concerns about the global economy, as transactions decline in the US dollar has also seen.
The International Monetary Fund cut its forecast for global growth for the third time in less than a year, after that the Chinese economy grew less pace in 25 years in 2015.
By 12:18 Moscow time the price of an ounce of gold rose in online transactions by 0.82%, or $ 8.9 to $ 1096.31 an ounce {ounce}, and went up the precious metal also in Futures US contracts for delivery in February rose 0.62%, or $ 6.8 to $ 1095.90 an ounce.
Analysts said Citigroup in {} in their expectations about the commodity markets in 2016, the status of gold as a safe haven occupies returned to the forefront once again amid concerns about the Chinese economy, and falling stock markets, and the escalation of geopolitical tensions in the Gulf.
Analysts added that "usually promote geopolitical issues Gold prices for a short period of time, but now we expect to enhance the current global economic fears prices of the precious metal during the current quarter of the year."
Among other precious metals silver stabilized in online transactions at a price of $ 14.015 an ounce, while the price of palladium fell 0.7% to $ 488.61 an ounce, fell platinum price rose 0.6% to $ 818.50 an ounce, after that went down to the lowest level in seven years at to $ 812.95 an ounce. Ended h