The distorted face of the policy of Barzani behind the fad of "half pay" !!

On: Wednesday 01/20/2016 15:23

Iraq today / special
It seems that the "half pay" policy pursued by the Government of the Territory, to deceive the fiscal deficit, undesirable by opponents of the policy in Krdstan- specifically Curran block, where the head of the Change parliamentary - Hoshyar Abdullah warned of "the consequences of the Kurdistan Regional Government, to pay half salaries region under the pretext of the financial crisis ",
And the motivation to adopt a policy of "half pay" - by perceptions head Curran Parliament: "The rampant corruption and lack of transparency with regard to the region resources, is one of the causes of the problem", and even take it head Curran Parliament, that the region staff have become the scapegoat of bad fiscal policies: " The region staff today, are victims of the policies of the current Government of the Territory, of the lack of transparency, in terms of economic resources, both imports customs or oil revenues, and do not save enough to pay salaries, making the region arrived from huge budgets in previous years, in addition to the dire situation Institutions region where the rot of corruption, "and did not Alchorani Abdullah spare in an upcoming speech to our newspaper that comes out us more political realities that have brought the staff to" half of the salary ":" This is a bad economic situation, is the result of a distorted and abnormal political situation, The Kurdistan Democratic Party coup against legitimacy, and its monopoly of the executive and judicial branches, and he disabled the legislative power ", if the result is that the region is experiencing as a result of the foregoing? I suggest the head of Curran Parliament us this answer: "no longer there today, any bridges of trust between the citizens of the region and between the government, which is almost monopolized by the ruling party," Abdullah scolded the Government of the Territory that Democratic control of the Kurdistan Bmcodha almost the whole: "The territory of the employees' salaries Kurdistan is a red line, and the Government of the Territory to be responsible in front of the Kurdish people, and to bear the consequences of past mistakes, and to fulfill promises to pay full salaries without spin, "left us with you, O reader in this news, remind you, that the Kurdistan Regional Government, had announced "Sunday, it will begin this week, the distribution of the Ministry of Education employees' salaries," and: "It will be spent half of that salary, because of the financial crisis in the region."