The last Iraqi government loans industry line of defense at the mercy of political scoundrels

On: Wednesday 01/20/2016 15:25

Iraq today / special
Alleged member of the Committee of Economy and Investment for the parliamentary Alohrar- proof Mamouri, the presence of a foreign plot, targeting the Iraqi economy, with the complicity of some politicians, and the details of the conspiracy that haunt our national industry, disclosed in his speech MP Alohrrari us:
"If there is a big conspiracy against Iraq by some politicians who stand behind them countries, do not want to build factories or import a production line, and it remains our consumer non-productive", the advised Alohrrari Beyond: "The economic situation is going through the country today, it makes it imperative for the state , activating the private sector .. for the multiplicity of financial resources after oil prices tumbled, "How do you rise if the economy? Try Almamori here to be the answer as it seems free of the political make-up: "No way to Iraq for the advancement of its economy, but by activating the industrial and agricultural sector investment and tourism sector", and did not miss Attorney Alohrrari chance to apply his indicates the importance of investing in leading the process of economic advancement: "There the need to encourage investment law and promotion in order to allay the fears of investors, and attracting them to work in Iraq, and building a strong investment system, support the national economy through the multiplicity of its resources, and lack of dependence on oil, national income basis as a source, "With regard to the advantages of financial loans - especially those that known as the "five loans trillion," Mamouri values: "The activation of the five loan trillion dinars, to support agricultural and industrial banks, and speed up disbursement in order to stimulate the investors in the private sector, and give them the opportunity to contribute to support the market economy", and returned Almamori At the conclusion of his speech to the conspiracy theory again: "If there are some politicians, they want to keep our country is a consumer product."