Albzona announce the release of the official books Cabinet meeting in Basra decisions

2016-01-20 11:15:03 | (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

Chairman of the Basra Governorate Council Albzona morning announced the release of the official books for the decisions taken at the Cabinet meeting held in the province of Basra.

Albzona said that the Council paid a visit to Baghdad in order to follow up the decisions taken on the province of Basra in the Cabinet meeting, which was held recently in Basra.

Noting that the Council and during his visit met with the Minister of Planning and with him it was agreed to hold a workshop in Baghdad to discuss the issue of payment on credit and the financial allocations for the province as well as the determination and ongoing projects lagging financed on credit and non-lived.

And between Albzona that the council also met with the Minister of Transport and discussed with him the complete Basra company in addition to the port of Faw file, explaining that the results of the visit was good and that by taking cabinet decisions on Basra in written form as well as the Council a number of meetings with ministers to discuss the province of Basra files .