Economic analyst: dollar against the Iraqi dinar is not real price

Section: Economic page
January 20, 2016 11:03 am

Economic analyst confirmed dawod zayer exchange rate of the us dollar against the Iraqi dinar in the country, not the real price.

Zayer said that "the dollar exchange rate since 10 years powered by the Central Bank is pumping a dollar in the market determines the price, this is not the real price, and the price is now supposed to be 1,000 and 500 dinars to the dollar.

Zayer explained that "the decline of the dinar against the dollar is beginning its collapse under difficult financial situation faced by the country, there were sufficient funds to support the dinar now "that lack of funds has begun showing the real exchange rate."

He noted that "the Government must raise support for dinar, and rely on real price in the market, in order to avoid the currency drain non-commodity economic reality shows the real strength of the dinar.

The Economist was Nicole, attributed the high exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, the CBI did not possess sufficient liquidity to cover the needs of the local market mechanism [dollar].

Local markets have seen during the past 10 days, volatile exchange rates of the dollar, the dinar exchange rate in recent days 1227 dinars per dollar [127 thousand dinars for cent dollars]