Central Bank: The financial budget for the year (2013) will adopt the new currency in Arabic and Kurdish
06:35:06 / 03/2012

Khandan - Ali Naji
said the Iraqi Central Bank, the financial budget of the Federal (2013) will be approved the new currency with Arabic and Kurdish.
The deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed in a statement to "Khandan": that put Iraq's new currency will be in the ( 01/01/2013) and will be in both Arabic and Kurdish with the deletion of three zeros the first of the current currency, indicating the following: that the financial budget of the Federal Iraq will be traded during the ninth month of the current year and recognizes in the New Year according to the new currency of the two languages.
Saleh explained: The Installation of the current currency led to inflation in the Iraqi market and has become inadequate with the financial situation now, the lack of large groups and small to cover the trading them, noting that all the countries of the world that emerged from conflict or hit by the deterioration in the currency of the GATT to modify its currency.