Allawi announced the birth of a new coalition as "a national Anbar"

Announced from the capital, Baghdad, yesterday, the formation of a new political bloc, the (national Anbar) led by Iyad Allawi, and the development of the bloc 16 goals notably the re-displaced people of Anbar and the release of detainees in the province and re-former army officers, and criticized the leader of the bloc's political process, he stressed that the project of the Islamic political failure in Iraq.
The head of the new bloc Taha Abdul Ghani, during a joint news conference with the national coalition leader Iyad Allawi in Accord Movement headquarters in Harthiya district, west of Baghdad, and attended (range Press), that "announce the bloc a new name (national Anbar) under my leadership, and led by Iyad Allawi It features four members of the Anbar Provincial Council. "
He said Abdul Ghani said that "the bloc and on the background of the former political elite failed to Anbar would be a national project adopts 16 goals highlighted the issue of re-displaced and coordination with the central government and international organizations for the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism," stressing that "the bloc will seek with the government to follow up on the issue of prisoners of the people Anbar and re-officers have been suspended from work to the military institutions. "
For his part, the leader of the coalition, Iyad Allawi, said that "the political process in Iraq going wrong in the political side there is a big failure in addition to the deterioration of the security and economic situations."
Allawi said that "the political failure of the Islamic project in Iraq dramatically," noting that "the features of the civil state began to become clear after the recent demonstrations and this is what we preach."
It is said that the Vice President of the Republic article, Iyad Allawi, who heads the national coalition in the form of (11 December 2013) and includes 16 political entities, national and parliamentary figures, while the Iraqi National Accord Movement, the leader of a liberal political parties in Iraq since 1991.
In another context, suggested the MP for the province of Anbar, to meet with the pink, yesterday, the return of displaced in the city of Ramadi to their areas through the "five months" until the rehabilitation of all the liberated areas of Daash, and called upon the international communities and the Arab world to support the building of the province, stressed the importance of contracting with foreign companies to prevent any case of corruption.
The pink in an interview with the (long-Presse) that "the return of itinerant gray to their areas need to five months," indicating that "the city of Ramadi, lacking life and bring life where landmarks requires lifting car bombs, explosives and rehabilitation of infrastructure destroyed."
Pink and called a parliamentary deputy for the province of Anbar, "the international community and Arab countries to support the province with money in order to rebuild it," emphasizing "the need to rehabilitate the city by international companies to prevent corruption."