The assassination of a senior leader in the organization of Daash inside Mosul

2016-01-20 02:56:29 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Unidentified gunmen assassinated a senior leader in the organization of Daash within the city of Mosul.

The general supervisor of the so-called national crowd Mahmoud Alsurja to Twilight News that "our sources inside the city of Mosul assured us that gunmen in a modern wheel attacked with weapons with silencers on Monday evening called Abu Abdul Rahman, the so-called Diwan of calculation in the Yarmouk district official and shot him dead on the spot and then ran after then fled to an unknown destination. "

He Alsurja that the popular rejection within the city against organized base widened recently about very large as a result of his actions and practices of aggressive toward civilian life, likely to increase this type of operation with the imminent launch of editing operations to be waged by the Iraqi army forces and the Peshmerga Kurdish coordination with the international coalition.

This is active between now and the other inside the city of Mosul, armed groups carried out operations against elements of the quality of the organization while Daash prepared a lot of military experts and security analysts accomplishment because those operations carried out under the authority of the fire and iron pursued by the regulation.