President of the Republic calls for the provision of climates and economic opportunities and to address the crisis in the country
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} called on the President of the Republic Fuad Masum climates to provide economic opportunities, the private sector to play a more active role in addressing the current economic crisis.
A statement by the Office of the President received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that "This came during a meeting at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Tuesday, the delegation of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce annexation Federation President Jaafar Messenger Hamdani, and Wael Abdul Latif, head of the Baghdad Centre for International Commercial Arbitration, as well as for economic figures in the private sector, and members of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce.
"The infallible the need to redouble intensive and fast to support and develop the private sector efforts, and promote confidence in him, calling for the promotion and recruitment of national investments, and attract foreign investment in the vital economic projects, particularly in industrial areas ,, tourism, agricultural, and services.
It also stressed the importance of issuing legislation necessary to support and provide the foundations of success to finance private sector projects and banking procedures, calling for the provision of climates and economic opportunities for the private sector to play a more active role in addressing the current economic crisis, stressing the importance of eliminating administrative slouch in the relevant state institutions, as well as providing security and legal protection for foreign investments.
He expressed his certainty of victory inevitable near Iraq on terrorism, reiterating its confidence established the ability of the Iraqis to overcome all current problems, noting that Iraq's rich countries, including possession of human potential and expertise, as well as natural water wealth, and it is bound to stability, and prosperity, and the advancement as a powerful and advanced keen on the interests of all its citizens, and the future of all its components. For his part, the price of delegation from the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce and directives of the President and expressed his thanks for his interest in continuing to support the private sector, and the Delegation expressed the need for support in the areas of the issuance of legislation, and decisions to address belonging to the private sector debt, and supporting and activating the export laws, and re-export, and the application of what came in the government statement on the development of national production, and the protection of national non-governmental projects. The delegation also handed over an invitation to the infallible care Association Conference Arab Chambers of Commerce, and Greek to be held soon. Ended h