In the parliamentary Finance member reveals's [where] $ 6 million cost of parliaments of the Islamic Conference
revealed in a parliamentary finance committee member of the ad hoc Ktkvlh to establish an Islamic Union Parliament Conference set to begin in the capital, Baghdad reported on Wednesday and lasts for six days.
Said Hossam punitive told all of Iraq [where] that "this amount is between 6 and 7 billion dinars [about US $ 6 million] which is a very large number requires review and we fear that in which the amounts disbursed as and non-controlled" urged "to reduce this amount."
"We initially with Arab Islamic and regional conferences held, but should have allocated amount in a logical and reasonable, especially as we pass through a financial crisis."
The Supreme Preparatory Committee of the Conference has announced the completion of the preparations for the start of the session 11 of the boards of the OIC countries in Baghdad attended by more 300 figure as the Commission which indicated that the Conference (OIC) says "adopt the Charter pledged by Islamic anti-violence and terror states."
The president of parliament Saleem al-Jubouri said about 50 delegations from the participating countries, will attend the conference as provided about a fifth of apology countries participating, including "Yemen and Bangladesh and African countries.
"He denied the House of Representatives, which sponsors the conference" appointment of any employee for the purposes of the conference as empty budget for 2016 of any degree of functional Council ".anthy 2