Oil sales less than $ 20 a barrel, Iraq is ready to face the "worst"

Pay the lifting of sanctions on Iran futures ore prices to their lowest levels in 12 years and make levels below $ twenty-barrel in sight, but some producers are already living it "painful reality", as she noted a report that raw materials producers of certain of Mexico, Venezuela and Kendawalarac preparing to counter what is the worst. According to Reuters, that that group of producers sell some crude shipments at present market prices closer to ten dollars a barrel thanks to the abundance of raw materials, "high sulfur" that they produce and raw materials base of consumers prefer "light" high quality that comes from other origins. And ready producers of certain raw materials from Mexico, Venezuela, Canada and Iraq to confront what is even worse in light of Iran's readiness - finally liberated from international sanctions - to pump huge amounts of high-sulfur heavy raw materials in export markets. Some crude shipments Mexican prices of heavy and amounted to less than $ 13 a barrel seems to be downward pressure on the prices of raw materials difficult refining candidate for growing. This may impose additional pressure on the already allocated indices Brent and West Texas Intermediate, which have fallen about 20 percent since the beginning of the year to below $ 28 a barrel. Analysts said in Jah.ba.sa Energy, said that "the sharp decline in prices has ravaged heavy ores which are often sold at large discounts from standard raw materials." In the town of Hardesta Canadian province of Alberta could buy a barrel of crude, which is the Canadian western North America from heavier crudes for less than $ 15 while producers need to price at least $ 43 in order to win. In early December, the national oil company of Mexico Pemex offered a discount on Asian buyers of crude Mayan load in January was about $ 12 a barrel from the average Khami the Sultanate of Oman and Dubai, which are crude measurement of the Asian supply, but with the decline in oil prices more than ten dollars since then it has cut That discount price virtually halved to about $ 12.50 per barrel, yesterday.