Start imposing new taxes and the prices of cars go up to 20%

A government source revealed on Tuesday, about to start applying the taxes and customs tariffs on cars, alcohol and cigarettes, stressing that car prices will rise by 20%.
The source told / scales News /, that "the government began to implement the tax in the day with the provincial government rejects the application," pointing out that "the prices of cars will increase by 20%."
He added, "It has direct erected Sitarat auditing to Baghdad through Basra and set the car carrying 12 returned for evaluation and audit in accordance issued by the Ministry of Finance on the new tax decisions."
While stressing source of border crossings that Jaabiyat Directorate of Customs Authority for 2015 of up to $ 500 million, adding that this amount will not fill the deficit or flows into the financial budget.
It is said that / scales News / got yesterday on the document on the taxation of cars by 5% and on alcoholic beverages and cigarettes by 20% as well as the continued imposition of tax on mobile phone and Kartat tax Almtar.