Government of the Territory is considered overdue salaries of its employees have loans

January 19, 2016 16:35

Head of Coordination and Follow-up Office of the prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Council Nuri al-Othman, said that the salaries of the staff of the region that have not been disbursed will be "loans to the government."

According to Osman, in a press statement, said that "the Kurdistan Regional Government were not in violation [of the law] never even have a financial crisis like the majority of countries," he said, adding "our money did not exist, but the distribution of half related salary money on hand."

He stressed, "will not waste anyone salary, but will be loans to the government, and Staidha when funds become available."

The Kurdish Change Movement, warned yesterday, the Kurdistan Regional Government of non-payment of staff salaries.

It is noteworthy that, the Kurdistan region is going through a severe financial crisis due to the ongoing dispute with the federal government in the implementation of the oil agreement between them and the delivery of the region in which its share of the budget, which caused a delay for several months the employees' salaries.