Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Ali Keywords published in an extended dialogue tomorrow confirms: speculators are taking advantage of rumors and statements by officials to manipulate prices, the dollar exchange

Some ask why the central bank selling the dollar and reverse the question to say: why demand for the dollar?
what is going on in the border ports of negative phenomena calls for radical solutions and a national emergency
can not be the central bank governor Bakannouna not to lend to the government and this is not a closed door definitely some truth to propagate
Specialized banks balked at the initiative of the translation (five trillion dinars) and each was asking: How do you lend?!
available to us reconsider fines on remittance companies or banking companies if there is a convincing error
are committed to the roof of sale (150,000) dollars a week for the conversion and financial companies (125,000) for the owners of banking companies and mediate dollars a week and I follow it personally
Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Keywords said the central bank some time ago is facing a barrage of confusion and rumors in a deliberate attempt part of which falls within the declared and undeclared war to target state institutions discreet and the political system as a whole, adding Keywords in a frank and extensive dialogue to be published new evidence tomorrow (because the Bank CBI is the most enterprise stable in terms of policy and achieve the balance and stability of the main pillar of economic policy, it certainly exposed to this kind of talk, accusations and propaganda, which is invested by hackers and exploiters in the domestic market to serve their own purposes.