Powers intersection session MPs, ministers House of Representatives held its first session of the second legislative separation without agenda


Union announced the Information Service of the House of Representatives, said the Council decided to adjourn on Thursday after being held Tuesday its first regular legislative term of the second legislative year and the second headed by Dr. Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 263 deputies. At the outset of the meeting President of the Council, Salim al submitted on behalf of the Presidency of the Council congratulations to the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the occasion of the start of the new legislative term of the new year, congratulating behalf of the Council of the Iraqi people and the people of Anbar victories achieved by the Iraqi army and the volunteers and the sons of the tribes, which proves day after day defeat of the terrorist organization. He stressed the importance of al-Jubouri move all institutions, including the House of Representatives to take a firm and clear position towards what is happening from the loose and chaos threatening Iraqi citizen, called on the government to take responsibility to provide security. Jubouri called to offer security leaders on the House of Representatives for a vote, calling the executive and judicial authorities not to leave room for the stability of wanton areas and citizens to move. The face-Jubouri Commission on Security and Defense to submit a detailed report to the Council on the security situation, calling on the Foreign Relations Committee to follow up the preparations for the Conference of the Parliamentary Union of OIC Member States to cooperate. The National Forces Alliance, announced Tuesday, for a boycott sessions of parliament and cabinet to protest the events in Muqdadiyah spend in Diyala province, as he emphasized to proceed following the constitutional ways to request international protection of Diyala province. The leader of the Alliance Ahmed electrodes that "Congress coalition forces and representatives in the Council of Ministers decided to boycott the sessions of the House and the Cabinet as a message of protest to what happened in the district of Muqdadiyah.