Senior Adviser to the Abadi: No intention to prejudice the salaries of staff to manage the budget crisis cell

Union confirmed senior adviser to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, that the government has no intention of compromising employees' salaries in spite of the financial crisis taking place in Iraq by the decline in financial and imports to falling oil prices. The head of the adviser to Prime Minister body Abdul Karim al-Faisal in a press statement: There is a design that for Amsas for the salaries of staff and there is no intention of the Council of Ministers in this regard, "referring to" the existence of crisis cell formed by Prime Minister's Office about the financial crisis, whose mission is to budget management. " And "We have cooperated with international British point of partners dedicated management of public budgets in such circumstances through which Iraq currently and these parties has prepared an economic workshop to look for other resources," adding that "the money management is to save employees' salaries and overcome this crisis with minimal damage." He said al-Faisal said "the plan developed is a medium and long-lasting for five years and in 2019 we hope that there will be new revenue for the budget section of which covers the budget deficit and this could reach 22 or 23 trillion dinars." The Ministry of Finance announced yesterday brought in to pay the salaries of the month of January of this "saying it" embarked on regardless and ministries of the State and its institutions, retirees and the social protection network staff salaries for the month of January. " The finance ministry said: "will continue to pay salaries to all ministries and institutions according to the specific contexts and the previously approved without any delay." The Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari has warned in the fourth of this month that "2016 will be a difficult year for Iraq and that the government will not be able employees' salaries for the month of next April distribution, if the oil price remains low, pointing to the existence Options Kalaguetrad and raise the price of basic services and the sale of bonds sovereign. "