Iraqi masses demanding the resignation of Hassan Sinead, in response to his promise and his election to renew Iehdon
Ahmed Saadi / Shatt al-Arab - 10/03/2012 AD - 12:04 AM

Received and the Shatt al-Arab News Agency a letter signed on behalf of the Iraqi masses of their e-mail asking MP and leader of the Dawa Party, the ruling Hassan Sinead, submit his resignation and depicts the promise which was launched by the Iraqi parliament on 23/02/2012 when he vowed in a press statement from within the parliament to resign in the event not to vote on Article 36 of the budget.

The letter stated: "We are encouraged the promise of Iraqi MP esteemed Mr. Hassan Sinead, to resign in the absence of the parliamentary vote on Article 36 of the budget, the special payment term projects in 2012, considering the promise of it as a sign of a healthy and positive aims to realize the rights of citizens. In this sense We are impatiently waiting to come out of Mr. Sinead, announcing his resignation and his insistence on what he saw as a good and useful to the Iraqi people and to prove that the statements that come out of people's deputies in front of TV screens are not plays are meant to mercenary political or obtain a gain partisan real-time, but it stemmed from a sense of responsibility and good faith. "

The letter stated "We announce in this sense that the masses of Iraq has become and the praise of God-conscious and can count among those who launched the service and among Ertzq Bhmumha and their needs, and promise of God and the Iraqi parliament that the people will be re-elected to prove sincerity of his intentions and his dedication to work and Ned Hassan Sinead, re-elected again in the event of implementation of the promise made ​​to himself, as they say and promise of free debt on it. and we hope that we thought of him as Aaikhyee disappointed in others. "Mention that the leader of the Dawa Party, the ruling Hassan Sinead, said in a press conference attended by the head of a coalition of law Khalid al-Attiyah and MP Abbas al-Bayati, on the day before the vote on the budget for the year 2012 that the vote that took place in the House of Representatives on the abolition of Article 36 of Baldfalajl of projects 2012 budget is not in the interest of the state institutions, and that this vote came as Mmgat intersections between political and parliamentary blocs. "He added that "the cancellation of this article from the state budget has led me to resign from the House of Representatives."