The government received the second installment of financial Korean company implemented Albasmajh

Monday, January 18, 2016 - 8:45

It announced that the South Korean company Hanwha Engineering and Construction, it received $ 166 million from the Iraqi government as a down payment of Basmajh residential project. The newspaper [a Korea Herald] Korean company that received the amount of $ 166 million as a down payment while the second has received the amount of $ 210 million in 2015 for the project, which will cost $ 8 billion. " The company's chief executive Choaa Quang is said in a report submitted to the prime minister Haider al-Abadi in 27 of the last month that "the company has completed the construction of 3120 housing units while waiting for movement of people referred to as the company continues its project to the new city completed", consisting of 100 000 housing units southeast of Baghdad. The Iraqi government has delivered on 17 September last $ 210 Mlaban as the first financial boost to the Korean company implementing a project of this city Basmajh residential construction southeast of the capital Baghdad. Korean company is in the process of creating Basmajh city, which lies 10 km south-east of Baghdad and an area of ​​1830 km and includes residential complexes, could be expanded by 100 thousand housing units and 300 units of schools, hospitals and police stations, it is expected that the city can accommodate about 600 thousand people in once it is established is completed by 2019.