Issawi's preparations to host the Summit will be completed by the middle of this month

On: Saturday 03/10/2012 13:13

Baghdad / WAP / Amin said Baghdad, Sabir al-Issawi, said all preparations for hosting the Conference of the Baghdad Arab summit will be completed by the middle of this month.
Issawi said in a statement today: "All the preparations to host the Arab summit conference is nearing completion and remained some matters of planning and cosmetic simple routes the Green Zone and Airport Road and the VIP lounge at the airport and the way your presidents and Arab delegations participating in the summit."

He added: "All the preparations for the summit from the Baghdad International Airport, down to the Green Zone will be completed in the fifteenth of this month," adding that "the presidential palace witnessed the final touches to him such as business cosmetic and lay flowers after completion of the work of furnishing, development and cultivation of gardens."

And: "The Arab Summit in Baghdad and the participation of Arab leaders in which evidence of the role and impact of the significant role of Iraq in the Arab and regional levels."