Change: the distribution of half of the salary Kurdistan evidence of failure

01/18/2016 17:49

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: were considered the movement of Kurdish change, Monday, distribute half of the salary to the Kurdistan Regional staff as a sign of "failure of governance and continued to waste" of citizens, the wealth among political parties called for a comprehensive reform project to cut the road in front of "individual policies," the Kurdistan Democratic Party in rule.

She said the MDC Parliament of the Kurdistan region in a statement block, "The government's decision to distribute half of the salary is a new penalty has been imposed on citizens and employees," indicating that "if it enables the region to eliminate the corruption of what the situation has reached to this level and it is possible to provide the salaries of staff and the needs of citizens ".

She bloc, that "half of the salary guide distributed to staff on the failure governance and the continuation of wasting the wealth of the citizens," and added that "the parties concerned with the suffering of the citizens take a unified position."

And demanded the bloc, the political parties to "develop a comprehensive and joint reform project and a national to cut the road in front of the individual policies of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan in governance and Khrogah big trend national legitimate institutions," pointing out that "through these steps tries Democratic Party create the atmosphere for citizens and political parties to accept injustice and violation law and punish the citizens. "