Parliamentary reconciliation: we started preparations for the convening of the national dialogue for all parties to the political process Conference

01/18/2016 13:53 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
The Commission on Reconciliation and parliamentary accountability, on Monday, it began preparing to hold a national dialogue conference all parties to the political process, as there are a lot of introductions and measures have been taken to hold the conference in the near future.

Said committee member Mohammed Naji's / scales News /, "The committee began preparing introductions necessary for the conference to be held in the near future and procedures, where it was agreed to be called national dialogue instead of national reconciliation, considering that Iraq now has a two-way either be with the Iraqi people or with Daash, the one who endorses and supports the Iraqi people needs to be some serious dialogue and discussions and not to reconciliation. "

Naji said, "There are many mistakes have occurred in the previous period as the default of some officials in the performance of their duties and financial corruption, but the main reason that brought us to this stage is a major international conspiracies led by the United States of meddling in Iraq's affairs." It ended 29/38