Deputy for Iraq is expected not to resolve the political differences for being "difficult"
On: Saturday 03/10/2012 12:25

Baghdad (news) .. expect MP / coalition in Iraq / Ashour Hamid not to resolve the political differences for being "difficult", adding that the national conference was held after the Arab summit will make some people jump on the axes of the Arab summit and raised the issues of side effects make the Arab summit is successful in its .
Hamid said in a statement (of the Agency news) on Saturday: the longer the disputes and delays in holding the National Convention will be open for interpretations, and especially the presence of many members of the House of Representatives, talking through the media, the opinion is acceptable or not acceptable, which will help to exit the conference the issues that will be held for him.
He added that the current crisis between the political parties is not easy to resolve the many differences among themselves and take a long time for the exchange of good faith and this has become difficult to normalize.
The MP for the coalition in Iraq: the essential national conference was held before the Arab Summit to go politicians assured of putting things that belong to Arab affairs, and not Iraqi In the case of late National Congress until after the Arab summit will be forced some to jump on the themes and Arab raises Topics side make the Arab Summit are unsuccessful in their decisions.
The leader of the State of Law Coalition MP / National Alliance / Ammar Al-Shibli, described the existing threats to the Iraqi Interior by subtracting the outstanding issues in the Arab summit as mere bubbles of information.

Shibli said an earlier statement (the news): The leaders of the Iraqi List, all know that the OIC summit, or the Arab summit to discuss the files that are shared between countries and not domestic issues, and that the Iraqi threat is a "media bubble".

He added that the Arab League confirmed the discussion of three files at the summit (economic, political and security), and that the political landscape will be trading session closed, noting that the situation is Iraq's internal do not deserve to put on the media, Arab, and not the Arab countries.