A call for legislation to support the digital economy programs

1/17/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Mustafa al-Hashemi
Specialist confirmed in the field of online and electronic programs that the impact of technology in marketing and achieve productivity has become clear in Iraq, especially after the spread of the use of social networking sites to advertise and promote goods and commodities all.
According to Engineer Ali known »Sabah»: that modern techniques that have been used in this area helped to foster growth and increase employment opportunities and improve the services, including the delivery service Pay for those products or goods, and even ready-made foods.

Poor opportunities

He said despite the fact that technological development has made very rapid gains of the private sector in relation to the offer and promotion including Save time and effort, as well as new forms of entertainment, but the opportunities for the poor are less than expected for the time being.
Known stressed that modern technology could have doubled the productivity of workers, but he also said: but they will not achieve it as long as lacking the technical knowledge to be used, indicating that it could lead to the emergence of new business will benefit consumers, according to market needs.

Complementary reforms

And the need to pursue policies to accelerate the pace of reforms in the supplementary production and commercial sectors for the success of this type of trade through the proliferation of Internet service across the country. He called on stakeholders and specialists to the legislation of new laws, after extensive studies, to regulate this type of trade, which contributes to keep pace with global developments in the field of the use of the digital economy and the organization of trading, selling and buying. It is known and reviewed the process of the use of digital technology in the trade, saying: this activity appeared in Iraq since 2007, but its beginnings were weak because of the situation at the time, stressing that this activity increased pace through local websites announces sale of personal goods and small needs that have reached the stage specializing in these sites to develop into selling real estate, cars and other.

Purchase and shopping decisions

It is known and was pointed out earlier in the «morning» to the growth of social networking online and increase their impact on the purchase and shopping decisions as a result of the increasing interaction between the users of those networks and their role in the expansion of this trade for graduated from the local to the regional framework and external.

He noted that the revitalization of this trade and activated in the largest requires the development of the means of electronic payment to meet the requirements of consumers in the region, so as to ensure them the introduction of money into Iraq of their assets abroad, noting that the introduction of money into the country more difficult than taking them out and turn them due to strict measures to prevent money laundering operations .

Electronic credits

He stressed the importance of opening unknown e-banking credits in foreign remittances, especially for users of Visa and MasterCard accounts as widespread and traded widely in all countries of the world.

The central bank had said earlier in the possibility of expanding the work of banks and money transfer and mobile phone companies and the exercise of any of the electronic payment activities in the event of their willingness to work electronic payment services to cash No. 2 system for the year 2014. According to the Central Bank Law No. 56 of 2004 and the system of services Payment electronic funds mentioned license was awarded to two companies - by Antrza- two (Iraq portfolio company, Asia Company Money) to work Kmzoda electronic payment services via mobile phone in the country.