The private sector between success and failure

Author: Yasser incumbent

01/17/2016 0:00

It is said that the private sector experiences in developing countries achieved great successes, wherever found a development project is said to be of his own making any «private sector», many countries have preceded us had gone through the same circumstances of political, economic and social but simplified economic stability due to its success.

The question where the order Iraqi private sector of the international classification or calendar? There is no indication on the success of his weight Mahakgah in developing countries, and the reason for failing to marketing itself as it should.

More than an economic organization claiming to represent the private sector and those banners fill the streets big titles, addresses and achievements but where? They say it's long and has a long history and which is sold as well, and Sorouh Canvas contribution of his production since the founding of the Iraqi state and up to the minute.

It is true that the private sector exposure to major setbacks in the past decade due to policies intersect with the free economic approach, but we wonder about its achievements during the «13» years since the change in light approach to a market economy.

Said, that the major projects carried out by the private sector but where It is the port? So we said: The limitations of the sector is not marketing itself through the means of economic media, for the purpose of documenting these achievements to representatives of economic affairs organizations to disclose the completed projects so they can be documented and the adoption of successful executing companies in the next implementation of projects, but what are counting on the private sector which is absent from Square real assessments unforeseen. Of the current phase requirements of reliance on the private sector in the economic file management in its operational aspects, on the other hand there are those who reduce this role and about the fact that work?

The private sector and the real of distancing himself from stumping on the inability to compete, otherwise what do we explain his successes in Ajawarfima countries alleged lack of ability to compete here Flantakty culture support to move forward.