Orientations to support the project economically feasible ideas

1/17/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
In a move that is the first of its kind aimed at harmony with the ambitious young energies considered college economics of the business and the Association of Iraqi private banks the role of the young human resources in the management of the business, particularly small and medium.

Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq occur during the symposium organized at the University of Mesopotamia in the presence of a gathering of students and university professors about the importance of the project which should be thinking of each student and be ambitious future after graduation, pointing out that the allocation of central bank trillion dinars for employed by private banks in loans for projects of medium and small can fund outstanding projects for young people.

He pointed out at the seminar titled «running unemployed graduates« the importance of teamwork and its role in achieving the set goals target for the project, whether a productive or Khaddmaa, noting that excellence is required and there is a demand for young expertise efficient, pointing to the Facebook experience and success achieved within a short period.

Tariq said the Association aimed at these energies to distinguish them because the students more economical culture in dealing with business and management mechanisms, urging young people to invest small and medium loans in economically viable projects.

The d. Tune Hussein grace Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the students said: The aim of this symposium is to run the unemployed graduates by giving them financial soft loans and interest of not more than 5 percent compared by benefits in private banks by up to 15 percent, indicating that this comes to encourage and support for young people in the establishment of small and medium businesses to contribute to the economic advancement of our country.

and showed, it was clarified the work of granting financial loans for graduates who want to transfer a creative idea and succession to project a successful business will be students and graduates names are registered who wish to convert their dream into reality and brought into the mechanism training programs in business management projects to ensure their success.

International banking expert Amjad severe, noted in his speech that the search for ideas for new projects that serve youth and the public beneficiary, indicating that students have ideas can be employed in a real economic sense for the country projects, urging to benefit from the loans provided by private banks returned Dear important opportunity that should bear fruit for the Iraqi economy.