Central plans to unify the exchange rate of the dollar sold in the auction and the market

January 16, 2016 16:28

A commission of economy and investment representative for the determination of the government requiring the unification of the central bank sold the dollar exchange rate in the auction and the domestic market, likely raising the value of the dollar against the dinar in the shadow of the financial crisis in the country.

He said committee member Rep. Najiba Najib said there is an urgent need for the government to reconsider the monetary policy of the country, the fact that there is a real rate of the dinar against the US dollar because of the dinar current price of 1,166 and is the same as when he was a barrel of oil sold for $ 111.

She added that the financial crisis facing the country as a result of the drop in oil prices to unprecedented levels require the lifting of the dollar exchange rate against the dinar and will resort to it the government requiring the central bank in addition to the unification of the exchange rate at the central bank auction and in the local commercial market, where the dollar exchange rate at auction Central dinars in 1190, while the market in 1240 dinars.