Parliament passes the optimistic "general amnesty" and the Federal Court over the new chapter

01/15/2016 22:58

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Heads of political blocs seek to agree on a package of laws intended to be the House of Representatives after the end of the legislative recess in the 19th of the current month.

Parliamentary Legal Committee and intends to offer (the amnesty law) to the vote, referring to the convergence of the political parties on controversial items. The Commission is also preparing to move the adoption of the law to determine the prime minister through two sessions to end the second reading. The Commission wants, in the coming period, the study of the new parliamentary reforms in order to be submitted to a vote.

And come and conscription and bear arms, however, the Federal Court Rules State, among the priorities of Parliament in the legislative term.

And it identified the Presidency of the Council of Representatives on the 19th of this January as the beginning of the second legislative season. He criticized the Congress to extend the legislative recess, but that the Legal Committee attributed this to the technical details contained in the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives.

Says MP Salim Shawki, a member of the legal committee of parliamentary, that "the most important priorities of the House of Representatives in the next legislative term is the legislation of the amnesty law after obtaining the recent substantial convergence of views between the various political blocs when reduced exceptions, which were hampering passed, to only seven ".

He adds Shawki told the "term" that "the Federal Court Act will occupy the second stage in the hierarchy of the concerns of the Parliament during the next chapter because it arrived at the stage of voting." He pointed out that "the coming days there will be talks between the national and Kurdish coalitions to agree on some points of contention."

The attention of member bloc citizen that "the dispute revolves around the Kurdistan Alliance claim that the Court and its decisions by majority while the National Alliance wants to pass decisions by a majority of two-thirds," expected for "agreement between the political blocs in the next phase, making it easier to pass the process inside the Dome of the House of Representatives."

The member of the Legal Committee to the last that the plans in the new legislative term "to pass a law to determine the state of the Prime Minister two sessions, as well as modifying the Code of Criminal Procedure to approve the executions during the period of sixty days from the date of sentencing, both ratified the presidency or not ratified."

And MP for Basra, said "the House of Representatives will present, in the coming sessions, a new reform package include the development of his work and make it easier to pass laws in a manner consistent with the challenges facing the repercussions of Iraq." He said that the Parliament is expected the government to send a package of laws such as abolishing or merging some ministries that took place earlier.

The (long), recently revealed the intention of Parliament to provide a new package of reforms, beginning next February, focused on modifying its rules of procedure so as to ensure his passage of laws is far from the political consensus manner. The amendment seeks to cancel the second reading of all laws, and only debates within the Committee on, and setting timetables to pass each law.

He speaks MP Salim Chawki for meetings between the heads of political blocs to activate the national reconciliation and the development of ideas and attitudes to create suitable for the success of the upcoming reconciliation conference environment.

And he entered the House of Representatives in the legislative recess on December 16 last, after the legislation the federal budget law for the current year, announcing that he will resume its sessions held on 16 January, but he returned and decided to extend his vacation another three days.

She attributes MP beautiful al-Obeidi, a member of the national coalition, to extend the legislative recess, "the Presidency's commitment to the Rules of Procedure which states in one of its paragraphs to hold weekly meetings, which starts from Tuesday to Monday followed by a weekly holiday and then come back after the hearings again."

She said al-Obeidi, told the (range), that "the most important point will focus on the House of Representatives in the next dismissal is pass a general amnesty law, which is complementary to national reconciliation and preparations are underway between the three presidencies have at the present time."

She noted a member of the national coalition headed by Iyad Allawi, that "Parliament is waiting send oil and gas law by the government for legislation," asserting "the pursuit of parliament in the next chapter to the organization was able to bear arms, however, state laws."

And emphasizes beautiful Obeidi MP that "it is necessary to activate the conscription law in order to integrate the factions of the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes in the Ministries of Interior and Defense," revealing "the existence of ongoing talks between the political blocs to pass these laws in the next legislative term."
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