Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed that the government continues to search for sources of funding out of the economic crisis.

A spokesman for the office of Ebadi Saad al-Hadithi said the government has drawn up plans in the budget of two thousand and sixteen approved by Parliament is in the search for sources of financing be helping and assisting oil sources indicating that the adoption of the budget on oil sources this stage is no longer feasible.

Sabri said that the government has a different economic policies in this regard, including the recourse to external borrowing and the internal activation of the tax sector through the imposition of taxes on the sales of certain goods that are included in the budget, as well as activation of customs duties on goods imported goods tariffs.

He said Sabri said there are other options carried out by the Iraqi government by offering bonds or internal subscription or even sell international bonds and the implementation of some projects payment system on credit according to certain ratios do not conflict with Iraq's economic future and pointed out that these are all options considered by the government and there are efforts exerted in relations with the countries of the world and with the international financial organizations as a fund cash and the World Bank in the hope that the availability of financial cover, which ensures the continuation of salaries of state employees and retirees.