Conscious / Vice: There are serious reforms the government has not approaching them

15/01/2016 10:12

Conscious / Baghdad / MA
MP for Iraq Kanna block, on Friday, that there are serious reforms the government has not come close to them now.

He said we were in a statement received (and the Iraqi News Agency Information / INA) a copy of it, that "the country victim of some big dealers influential in power and have a long history in government, who are devastated agriculture, and the Iraqi industry," adding that "the government watching the corrupt so far under the pretext of free economy while the networks and mafias, and this is the first reform, which should begin by the government. "

He added that "the government invoked the fight with Daash But reform legislation has no Bdaash relationship, and there should have been stacking our ranks in the fight against the corrupt who stole the country", adding that "the muggers are officials of the government, and some party leaders, and some Almstqoan ruling parties."

He explained that "the government must now reconsider economic and administrative system of the country, and to implement political reforms have not been implemented reduce the time plan."