Savings Alaktnazih can be transformed into investment

1/16/2016 0:00

Depolarized contribute to finding alternative sources of income

BAGHDAD Shokran Fatlawi
Counting economist activating the role of the private sector and share it with the public sector starting point toward economic development, stressing the need to make changes in the ways of administration and action steps and correct the erroneous methods in this sector, along with the development of its employees to keep up with production foreign and achieve financial returns down to easing the economic crisis experienced by the country resulting from the lack of exploitation of the majority of the productive sectors optimally. legislation and added expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine in his speech for the «morning» on the sidelines of a seminar organized by the progress of policy development institute to develop the mixed sector and help solve the problems experienced by the first and foremost legal legislation and concessional will enable him to dispense with a lot of foreign imports that drain the currency and achieve good profitability.

As counting Antoine presence of the private sector in Iraq Stock Exchange advantage fundamental economic strength, which aims to attract financial savings for the sector and turn it from savings Aktnazih to investment savings working to provide goods and goods and local products «Made in Iraq.»

This is due to be held in London for the duration of 20 - January current 21 global Matmralborsat to discuss and debate the foreign and Arab investment and the definition of domestic companies traded in the stock market.

Sector Industrial and added that those entities leading to this change being the list and is ready and has a cadre and factories, property, materials stressing the need to return life to the industrial sector, which included more than 18 projects industrially including saffron projects, light industry and electronic and soft drinks. production methods and suggested the need to modernize production methods and the development of its lines to conform with global developments and meet the local need for accompanying Ajraeacod and obligations with foreign companies, especially the industrialized countries being suffers backward spanned two decades.

He said Antoine that the country suffers from widespread unemployment and if it falls these projects in the areas of attracting manpower could great run Setup from unemployed especially as it is today constitute a burden and weight on the state and society. mixed sector and noted that the mixed sector was established to include employees and shareholders in the commercial mixed sector, industrial, agricultural, tourism and major hotels that make up the financial payoff large to support the economy and the diversification of the budget sources of deficit.

Sources alternative and urged the need to find alternative sources of income of the non-oil the fact that the country possesses those alternatives in various sectors as well as the importance of reducing spending to address the deficit in the budget and is expected to reach 11.9 percent of GDP, and suffers a deficit entirely with a $ 22 billion due to the sharp decline in world oil prices in a budget of about $ 105 billion.

He concluded by noting that the country has been struggling to finance the fight against the most notorious attack destroyer «Daash» terrorist and takes it from a lot of money acquires gain of 20 percent of the budget in 2016 Maittalb institutional strength believe in the existence of a strong economy includes many development sectors to repair its public finances.