Najaf warns of impromptu financial decisions because of the erosion of oil prices

15/01/2016 03:42 PM

BAGHDAD - Orient:
Supreme religious authority warned, the wisdom of taking «improvisational financial decisions cause social tremors» the impact of the fall in world oil prices.
The representative of reference in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai in the Friday sermon delivered in the dish-Husseini al-Sharif «Everybody knows that Iraq is experiencing financial and economic conditions difficult as a result of the continued decline in oil prices which financial his income constitutes most of its imports private employees' salaries can not be overcome this difficult phase Least budget losses but the togetherness of everyone, cooperation and scientific thought to follow the plans set by the people of expertise and competence away from the improvised decisions that can make a serious social upheavals and threaten the basic components of living of citizens. » He said. «Government's interest in the security file and pay Daash risk does not justify the lack of seriousness and adequate attention by the authorities concerned in developing appropriate with the help of Iraqi and international expertise to address the current crisis properly economic and financial policies» And the security situation Dan Karbalai the recent bombings in the capital Baghdad and the violence in the district of Muqdadiyah Diyala province, which claimed the lives of dozens of martyrs and wounded. The representative of the reference «capital Baghdad witnessed in the past few days security violations consisted of attacking a group of terrorists Aldoaash their weapons machine for the masses of citizens in some of the densely markets with people purchasing groceries in addition to the usual explosions belts explosive devices and car bombs in public places has Daash wanted to reflect these attacks on its ability to adapt its business criminal with the change of the battlefields, which saw consecutive victories of the armed forces and supported by volunteers and clans. » And that «these violations can not avoid the fact traditional security tactics Kktherh checkpoints and routine inspection procedures it is necessary to develop Alasthbaratah capabilities of the Iraqi security services and the use of popular elements to obtain the information necessary for the kegs terrorist gangs to abort their plans before they are implemented».
He Karbalai «also saw Muqdadiya town in Diyala days before the terrorist acts and attacks unfortunate on a number of mosques and houses, which have serious implications for civil peace and coexistence on the people of this country and we are as strongly condemn them hold government security forces responsible for prevention of recurrence and not to allow the presence of armed men outside the framework of the state threaten the security of the citizens of any component or range was ». He said «As for what regards fronts fighting the hoped from the armed forces and volunteers sustain caution and vigilance of the attempts of the enemy to launch attacks Tardah here and there to restore his spirits after the recent defeats in Anbar province and the mountains of Makhoul with emphasis on the military necessity of volunteers and the sons of tribal support what they need of weapons, equipment to be able to them by doing the era of assigning armed forces ».