Reference Yacoubi: the process of reform pledges real and warns of chaos agendas aim to protect spoilers

2016-01-15 18:36:08 | (Voice of Iraq) - Reference Yacoubi: the process of reform pledges real and warns of chaos agendas aim to protect spoilers

Sabri Nazarene

He confirmed the religious authority in Najaf that the real reform process need the courage and the will and the seriousness and credibility to achieve, and as pointed to the presence of agendas working to spread chaos and murder to help the corrupt to continue their corruption, Almtsidin called for the need to choose able to responsibilities of management people bravely high and will "

He said the religious authority, Sheikh Mohammed al-Yacoubi during a meeting with a number of professors and elites and intellectuals that "the reform process which is spoken by many is not serious if it is contrary to yielded real steps, and calls for reform pledges came from the ride the wave or door to vent the pressure that people have exercised in the demonstrations , noting that he is no doubt that the reform process is a difficult process and it has a lot of temptations and threats, but in the same easy-to-time with a sincere intention and the will and courage. "

He pointed reference Yacoubi to the presence of the hands of working for the agendas aimed at spreading chaos and murder of the common state and the environment to help the corrupt to continue their corruption, including what we hear from time to time about the killing of a judge or engineer or other for refusing to yield to the temptations imposed by the owners of these agendas "

The reference Yacoubi "The presence sincerely different locations in the state, including the heroes in the armed forces who hear about the plate of great heroic positions in the feet and the courage and sacrifice is supposed to recorded history, and so at the level of the other sites, the faithful are but unfortunately the sound of corruption and work spoilers is higher, because the dirty and their methods do not hesitate, in anything, man clean prevents him his religion and prevent him morals, prevent the many obligations of social things is not able to do do mischief, hence the image and prominent tyrant with regret and dominant is corruption and the corrupt. "

Addressing reference Yacoubi the audience, saying: You are God willing, deep corner that houses him faithful leaders in order to achieve our reform, and of course on of their hands the reins degree of grades that create an environment for you this opportunity and Aovruha you Atihon you all Mathtajonh to carry out the reform process, God then says to Aaboukl the slaves, for the sky is the message of reform it provides an exalted condition of honesty and seriousness "