The price of OPEC crudes {} falling back to $ 25 a barrel

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Euphrates News} The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC} {Friday that the price of its basket of crudes fell Thursday 69 cents to $ 25 a barrel compared to 69.25 dollars a barrel last Wednesday.

According to the news agency bulletin {OPEC} that the annual rate for the basket price last year stood at 64.49 dollars a barrel.

And includes a basket {OPEC}, which is a reference in the level of production 12 species, including crude policy Algerian Sahara and heavy Iranian and Iraqi Albesarh ore export Kuwaiti crude Libyan Seder and Bonny Nigeria and raw Qatar Marine Arab light crude Saudi ore bitters and raw Venezuelan Girassol Angolan and Orient Ecuador.

The oil ministers {OPEC} had recommended at the end of a ministerial meeting in Vienna in the fourth month of last December, member states need to follow developments in the oil market closely in the coming months with to maintain the current production ceiling of the Organization at the level of 30 million barrels per day. is over