WAKE UP .. Parliamentary Integrity plans to investigate with the government for not publishing explosives detectors and installation of surveillance cameras


BAGHDAD / new evidence
The Committee on Parliamentary Integrity intention investigation with the government on condition of explosives detectors and installation of surveillance cameras in cities to prevent breaches Alomnah.oukal Committee Chairman Talal Zobaie, that «what witnessed in the cities of Iraq, especially the terrorist attacks in the main Baghdad markets and terrorist bombings in Muqdadiyah and the bombing of mosques and houses of worship and the assassination of journalists from Eastern Channel serious breakdown in the security situation can not be tolerated after today ».
He Zobaie «expressed to the Iraqi people for intrigued me and my question majora on zero monument explosive detection devices and to retain the use of handsets that government agencies announced that they are invalid in the detection of explosives?», Wondering «in the interests of, and the beneficiary of the survival of the capital's streets and markets free from explosives detection and surveillance cameras in front of an open terrorist gangs to put cars and Almelgomat and IED devices? ».