National Insurance Company calls the ministries of trade and transport of the Federal Insurance Daiahma


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National Insurance Company called on the ministries of trade and transport insurance Daiahma imported and exported against the dangers of transport all over the transportation means (land, sea and air), Mr. Sadiq Abdul Rahman Hussein, director of the company that said the company is ready to provide various insurance blankets and competitive price to the ministries of trade and transport and this has to be attached significant in maintaining the economic wealth of Iraq offering to our country of foreign currency.
And the Director-General that the company has three types of blankets, a document all the dangers (a) covers all threats to goods during transportation, insurance policy (b), which covers threats to goods during transportation as a result of an accident by the transport in addition to the risk of fire The insurance policy (c) covers all the dangers faced by the goods contained in the cover (a, b).
He said Director-General to the National Insurance Company exercised various types of insurance such as insurance life, fire, engineering insurance insurance, auto insurance, compulsory insurance, marine insurance, insurance of ships, aviation and re-insurance, and so out of its keenness to support all segments of Iraqi society and ward off danger and crisis for its citizens.