Border crossing points contracted to buy scanners X-ray


announced that the border crossing points at the Ministry of the Interior Department that it has contracted to buy the scanners X-ray, with indicated that they conducted a disclosure on the proposed site for the port Shihabi border of the province of Wasit between Iraq and neighboring Iran.

He said ports director Maj. Gen. Sami Sudanese «morning« it «was contracted with a local company to buy the eight scanners X-ray can be for breach of solid minerals card 3,000 bags an hour, half of which, to screen people and the other half for bags» He explained that a committee was formed by the Ministry of the Interior for the purpose of a survey the proposed site for the port Shihabi border of the province of Wasit between Iraq and neighboring Iran, the Committee visited the site and met with a number of members of the Board of Wasit province and purses based on what was in the book of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers ».

He added that« place port selected near Shihabi station border between pillars (110-111) of border pillars and vowed to Council Wasit province, in the case of opening the port to support infrastructure hand like water and electricity and set up mobile homes and roads to the port and there is another proposal to open a new outlet in the province of Maysan in the records area between Iraq and neighboring Iran «.

and on the operations of the arrest of criminals and smugglers said the Sudanese had been arrested on Sudanese nationality driver in possession of an amount smuggler of (420) thousand US dollars and 500 million Iraqi dinars in the Safwan border port was hidden in several truck maintenance were also seized an amount of one million three hundred and fifty thousand US dollars held by the traveler Salah Mohammed Mahdi in Najaf airport from Emirates »He continued« in Trebil border were arrested wheel Hovrli the amount smuggler of five hundred and eighty million dinars were also arrested an Iranian named Reza Mohammad Ghasemi and possession of a narcotic substance weighing 2 kg in the border graying port was also arrested another Iranian in possession of Iraqi children Hijacker of the people of Najaf in Shalamcheh border port ». Between the Sudanese and that he «was seized and destroyed and landfill trucks from the Turkish chicken and cheese Danish and Gypsum potatoes and juice because of lack of suitability for human consumption in outlets in the port of Basra and the newborn