Parliamentary Finance attributes the reasons for the high dollar to increase the demand for it and not to fill the market need

Author: HH, MJ
Editor: BK, HH

2016/01/14 11:33

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Ezzat, Thursday, reasons for the high dollar exchange rate to the "growing demand" him and "not blocked" The market needed it, with a number of the announcement and the quality of the study of the central bank to reconsider the exchange rate cause plus to increase it.

He said the Parliamentary Finance Committee rapporteur Ahmed Hama Rasheed, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The rise in sale and purchase of foreign currency in Iraq, the price back to the asylum citizens to switch the dinar to the dollar and keep it," asserting that "the other reason is what was announced in the days the last on the CBI study reconsider the price of the dollar has raised concerns of citizens. "

Rashid said, "The decline in oil prices also led to a rising interest rate sell the currency," noting that "the central bank to pump sufficient amounts of foreign currency into the market, but that did not address the rise, because the demand for the dollar more than it sells the bank."

And we saw the dollar since the middle of this week, a remarkable increase in its dealings, as its price in the market reached to about 1,300 dinars.