Parliamentary Integrity: we will reveal for the acquisition of real estate State next weekend file

Date: 01/14/2016 11:32

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Announced that the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, on Thursday, its intention to detect the real estate that was acquired illegally to state property the end of next week and file its declaration on public opinion and then sent to the Integrity Commission.

He said committee member Abdul Karim Abtan told / information /, said that "a number of members of the Integrity Committee held a number of meetings with all the Department of Real Estate state officials over the past months in order to stand on the fact that acquisition and distracting estate State in Baghdad and the provinces."

"The committee revealed the existence of numerous legal violations in the acquisition of such property and enter the door of this financial corruption."

Abtan stressed that "the parliamentary investigative committee will announce those legal violations through the media, and then paid to the Integrity Commission to complete the legal procedures against violators next week."

The Iraqi judiciary has issued over the past few days, dozens of arrest warrants and recruitment and Alastradad Amoar to the right of government officials and political figures implicated in the corruption files Albulad.anthy / 25 m