Oil to secure private sector dues

1/14/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
Chairman of the Investment and Reconstruction Development Council confirmed that the market activation requires the payment of market dues to move forward the implementation of a number of stalled projects.

Ibrahim al-Baghdadi, head of the center: «The financial crisis experienced by the country has been overshadowed by the performance of the private sector and restricted activity», But he added that the meeting between the representatives of 12 organizations with Prime Minister paved the way for a road map to overcome the obstacles to activate the private sector activity.

He revealed that he has been proposed a number of solutions that are widely acclaimed by the Prime Minister and will be studied and then approved and the most prominent proposals possibility to repay the private sector dues Eute or barter to able to move the market elements completing the.

President of the Center renewed his call to support national production through the breakdown of the five important laws, the most important customs tariff law, which works on standardization in all border crossing points, as well as the local product, which aims to National product development by providing an appropriate environment protection law and not allowed to plunge the markets, commodities and goods imported is quality, as well as consumer protection, which ensures that all materials in the local markets are information source and content and reform law, as well as a law anti-dumping commodity and antitrust.

He pointed to discuss the subject of the private sector entitlements who carried out the projects and prepare materials for institutions various government, pointing out that the payment of dues working to move the labor market and helps to complete the stalled project, which aims to raise the level of services to citizens.

He suggested Ibrahim Baghdadi that the payment is made ​​through barter oil was to be in order to repay the private sector entitlements and this leads to the activation actual work field and extend bridges of trust between the parties to the work of government the private sector.

And the importance that enters Iraq to the Treaty of New York in 1958 to ensure that workers in Iraq, the rights of investors, and this provides an attractive environment for foreign investors and capital, pointing out that Iraq is in dire need to provide attractive guarantees of the international effort.

He called Baghdadi work on the formation of cell crisis specializes in economic affairs means to stand on all economic problems and examine the handling of the financial crisis faced by the country due to the decline in oil prices to levels many years ago not seen mechanisms.

And the need to look at the industrial sector that it is a sovereign must maintain it for his role in the achievement of economic viability to the country and maintains a turnover inside Iraq, which helps in starting the process of real economic development.