Required a holistic plans are consistent with the strategic energy

1/14/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - the joy of pumice
Urged a consultant in industrial development and investment on the need to prepare plans in the field of energy that consistent implementation with the extended energy strategy for the 2030 policy, and taking into consideration the interests of the country's economic, especially with the regional repercussions experienced by the region, accompanied by a sharp decline in prices global oil.

Consultative Amer Jeweler noted that each plan and conduct a feasibility study for a period of recovery, especially that Iraq into a wide investment needs in the oil industry, and to achieve export flexibility, so feasibility taken punctual possibility of maneuver and ensure those exports, stressing at the same time the necessity of activating the energy strategy of its own large impact on the country.

He Jeweler importance of rehabilitation of the main oil pipeline systems, which is the reference for the establishment of projects for oil industries and petrochemical, as well as increase the ports and improve the crude oil distribution trends can help in a rational division and homogenized in the provinces of the country, as well as the establishment of pipeline and the establishment of new refineries.

Exhorted Advisory ministries concerned with energy (oil, electricity, industry), which is essential in the preparation and the development of strategic energy to implement them properly with support chock ministries during the specified period.

And the jeweler that the process of attracting investment in the oil industry is in achieve the goals of the strategic energy, as well as entering the financial effect involves in supporting the productive sectors in the country, what drives the economy, calling to continue to develop other plans for after the expiration of the strategy.

Supports specialists and observers economists put holistic plans in harmony with the energy strategy in Iraq extended to 2030, and at the same time in line with the development set by the government's plans, and to ensure the proper implementation and application of them according to their desired economic feasibility.